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Latest in Tag: NECD

Providing lands for investors in June/July: head of NECD

During a meeting held by the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, the head of the New Egyptian Countryside Development (NECD), Atter Hannoura, said that the company will provide lands to investors in June or July. He added that the company didn’t achieve a measurable success in providing lands for companies; instead, NECD focused on individual …

Hisham Salah

NECD cooperates with Wageningen University for planning 1.5m acres project

New Egyptian Countryside Development (NECD) is willing to sign an agreement with Wageningen University to plan for the 1.5m acres reclamation project in order to prevent the random use of the acres, according to the head of the NECD Atter Hannoura. He added that the university, which is the only higher education institution in the …

Hisham Salah

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