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Netanyahu’s true colours

By Dr. Cesar Chelala As 91 world leaders gathered in Soweto to pay homage to Nelson Mandela there was one notable absence: Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu cited the high cost of his presence in South Africa to explain his absence. It is possible that both internal politics and what he perceives as past antagonism from Mandela are better reasons to …

Daily News Egypt

US halts aid to Egypt

A United States Republican congresswoman blocked the planned cash transfer of $450 million to the Egyptian government On Friday. Texas congresswoman Kay Granger, who heads the Appropriations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations, released a statement that read, “this proposal comes to Congress at a point when the US-Egypt relationship has never been under more …

Connor Molloy

Netanyahu wants deal to prevent ‘binational state’

By Dan Perry/ AP JERUSALEM: Israel’s prime minister has said that he still hopes to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians, because the alternative would be absorbing them into Israel and destroying the Jewish character of the state. “I want to solve the conflict with the Palestinians because I don’t want a binational state,” Netanyahu …


Israeli religious party denies coalition crisis

By Amy Teibel / AP JERUSALEM: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s top religious partner said Wednesday that Israel’s ruling coalition would not be shaken by the Supreme Court’s annulment of a contentious law allowing ultra-Orthodox Jewish men to avoid military service. The military exemptions are resented by Israel’s secular majority and have been a major source of …


Israel must prepare for worst in Egypt, says Netanyahu

By Allyn Fisher-Ilan /Reuters JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that while he hoped Egypt’s efforts to achieve democracy succeeded, he had to “prepare for the worst” as well. Netanyahu reiterated hopes that that Egypt would stick by a 1979 peace treaty with Israel, as the new military rulers in Cairo said …


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