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Apple deletes New York Times apps in China

As part of a heavy-handed crackdown on foreign media, Apple has complied with a request from unnamed Chinese authorities to remove two New York Times apps from its app store in ChinaThe technology giant removed both the English and Chinese-language news apps from its mainland China store on December 23, according to a report in the newspaper on Thursday.

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Notes from America: The man with big ideas

By Ahmed Tharwat Thomas Friedman, New York Times foreign affairs columnist, winner of three Pulitzer prizes, writer of several bestselling books, is a man known for his big ideas. Friedman never ceases to amaze us with a new ‘big idea’ every now and then, from the bizarre to the ridiculous. For example, Friedman created the …

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Is the New York Times always a credible source?

By Khalid Mahmoud The New York Times wrote a report last week detailing how Egypt, in cooperation the United Arab Emirates, conducted a joint airstrike against Islamist militias in Libya. The report, written by the newspaper’s Office Director in Cairo, David Kirkpatrick, and Editor Eric Smith, went on to tell the details of the airstrike, …

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Syria: A better approach

By Matthew Timmerman Now well into its fourth year, the crisis in Syria stands as the world’s worst refugee crisis since the Rwandan genocide exactly 20 years ago. It’s believed a variety of Syria-specific circumstances have resulted in the scope of the disaster witnessed, the most notable being the nature of the stalemate. Not just any …

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