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Latest in Tag: New York

Facebook’s Zuckerberg promises Merkel action on hate speech

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has received assurances from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that the company will combat racist comments on the Internet. They met on the sidelines of a UN development summit. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday promised German Chancellor Angela Merkel that his company would work on measures to combat racist and hateful …

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US clothing retailers losing to European rivals

For decades, US clothing retailers like Gap have determined America’s taste in fashion, but sales have been dropping in recent years. Their competition is coming not only from online shops, but also from overseas. New York City is a major shopping destination. Variety and prices attract tourists and locals alike into retail stores of all …

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Report: US telecom giant AT&T a key partner in NSA surveillance

Telecom giant AT&T reportedly played a “highly collaborative” part in helping the NSA to spy on Internet traffic. It’s the latest revelation from documents provided by the agency’s former contractor Edward Snowden. In new information gleaned from National Security Agency documents dating from between 2003 and 2013, jointly reviewed by “The New York Times” and …

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Sublime Shabana stuns Matthew at TOC

Shabana was at his sublime best to get past Matthew, who has been in arguably the best form of his career in recent months since winning the 2013 World Squash Championship in Manchester in November.

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Englishman in New York

Would you like this delivered? It was a normal question in Cairo. But in Brooklyn, New York, my friend was a little surprised. New York City residents do boast about being able to have anything delivered. But, if McDonald’s doesn’t have 24-hour delivery, how much can they really boast? After a trip to the other place he calls home, an Egyptian-American friend was talking about the conveniences he enjoyed while being back in New York and how they compare to Cairo. …

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