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New draft NGO Law squeezes civil society

By Sahar Aziz and Hany Thabet The executive’s latest draft governing non-governmental organisations (“NGO Law”) is a harbinger of what is to come – a brand of social reform that suppresses independence and plurality in civil society not much different than that state of affairs under Egypt’s deposed former president. Soon after it was released, …

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Dr. H.A. Hellyer

A Farce

A farce. That is all I can say about the NGO trial verdict that was delivered on 4 June in post-Mubarak, present-Morsi, still-not-revolutionary Egypt. Here is the verdict, plain and simple. Guilty. Didn’t hear that right? Guilty. Every single defendant on trial in the NGO court case that has been dragging on for more than …

Dr H.A. Hellyer

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