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Is Egypt’s stance on the Blue Nile Dam legally justified?

By Zeray Yihdego Egypt and Ethiopia are in a war of words concerning the damming of the Blue Nile. Ethiopia intends the dam to generate 6000 megawatts of electricity, which is equivalent to six nuclear power plants, in order to support and improve its sustainable development standing, thereby increasing the living standards of millions of …

Daily News Egypt

God’s goons

By Philip Whitfield Who‚Äôs really behind the Battle of the Nile? Here‚Äôs a clue: Gold and girls. Don‚Äôt be fooled by hydroelectricity or irrigation. Focus on lust and greed. Skedaddle if you hear shankilla. It‚Äôs Ethiopian for slave. Head for the hills if they shout agbert ‚Äď slavery permitted. Beware of God. He spake of …

Daily News Egypt

Regarding the dam

For the past few weeks Egyptian society and media have been hysterical over Ethiopia‚Äôs construction of its Renaissance Dam.¬† The public was suddenly bombarded with the notion that Ethiopia will turn off the water faucet on Egypt and that this is an issue that threatens both our national security and survival as a nation. The …

Mahmoud Salem

Op-Ed review: Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam

Since last week, the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has been on the minds of many journalists and columnists. Two writers ponder what should be done to solve the potential crisis between Ethiopia and Egypt. We were surprised and did not understand Fahmy Howeidy Al-Shorouk Newspaper Columnist Fahmy Howeidy, who frequently expresses his …

Thoraia Abou Bakr