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Latest in Tag: no-confidence vote

MPs push for no-confidence vote as PA continues to slam gov’t report

By Safaa Abdoun CAIRO: The People’s Assembly (PA) criticized the government’s first annual report for its lack of vision and plan during the transitional period and its failure to propose urgent solutions to the ongoing crises as it continued to discuss the report Monday. Some MPs implied that the discussion has dragged on more than needed, …


PA ends session due to government no-show

By Safaa Abdoun CAIRO: People’s Assembly Speaker Saad El-Katatny ended Wednesday’s session shortly after it started because Cabinet ministers were absent. “I’m telling the government and the Egyptian people that the [PA] you voted for is capable of withdrawing the confidence from the government and determining the responsibilities of the prime minister,” said El-Katatny. The Freedom …


Katatny urges swifter response to government from PA committee

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Parliament speaker Saad El-Katatny urged a People’s Assembly committee during Monday’s session to present its response to the government’s statement by the end of this week for discussion, a step believed to be geared towards a no-confidence vote. MP Hatem Azzam, representing the Civilization Party, questioned why it was taking the PA’s …


PA seeks to withdraw confidence from Ganzoury government

By Safaa Abdoun CAIRO: The People’s Assembly will take steps towards withdrawing confidence from Egypt’s government, parliament speaker Saad El-Katatny said during Sunday’s session. After listening to statements from the ministers of international cooperation, aviation and justice regarding the NGO trial, El-Katatny asked MPs to vote on withdrawing confidence from Prime Minister Kamal El-Ganzoury’s government. Forty-three …


Egypt parliament to reject government in vote: Brotherhood

By Tom Perry / Reuters CAIRO: The Egyptian parliament is likely to declare it has lost confidence in the government of Prime Minister Kamal El-Ganzoury via a formal vote, Muslim Brotherhood leaders said on Thursday, a move that will add to pressure on the ruling military council to appoint a Cabinet led by the group. Emboldened …


FJP says forming new gov’t ‘urgent and mandatory’

By Safaa Abdoun CAIRO: The Freedom and Justice Party reiterated its earlier demand to form a new government Thursday, saying it’s become “urgent and mandatory” after seeing indications of a political will to escalate the crisis. Following the meeting of the party’s executive office Thursday, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood said that forming a …


Political parties debate no-confidence vote against Egypt government

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Political parties and figures are divided over a possible no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Kamal El-Ganzoury’s government. Several parties, including the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), which holds around 47 percent of the seats in the People’s Assembly, are considering passing a no-confidence vote against the Cabinet of Ministers. “Either the …


Muslim Brotherhood wants government sacked

CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood is calling on the country’s ruling generals to sack the current military-appointed government, saying it has failed to manage the deteriorating security and economic situation in the country. Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan says the military should appoint a Brotherhood representative prime minister, who would then form a new coalition government. The …


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