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Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to three scientists for developing proteins. The scientists were honored for their respective research on sustainability and cancer treatment.The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was on Wednesday awarded to two Americans and a British man. Frances H. Arnold (US) of the California Institute of Technology, George P. Smith …

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Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to American, Canadian, French scientists

A team of three researchers have been awarded for work that paved the way for advanced precision instruments used in industry and medicine.Arthur Ashkin, Gerard Mourou and Donna Strickland have won the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics for their work in the field of laser physics, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said on Tuesday. …

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Nobel Prize winner zur Hausen: "The low vaccination rate is a great scandal!"

In an exclusive interview with DW, Nobel Prize winner Harald zur Hausen talks about cancer-causing viruses and his incomprehension towards vaccination scpeticism.It is well known that smoking, a poor diet and a lack of exercise greatly increase the risk of getting cancer. However, few people know that several cancers are caused by viruses or bacteria …

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Notes from America: Why Ahmed got arrested and Malala got a Nobel prize

Ahmed Mohamed, the young inventor, and Malala Yousafzai, the young women rights advocate, both have a story. However, each story has a different narrative and a different ending. Ahmed and Malala are both Muslims and were both victims of ignorance, bigotry and a self-righteous mindset, and they both became household names. Ahmed was a victim …

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Call of a lifetime: ‘Congrats! You win a Nobel!’

By Karl Ritter / AP STOCKHOLM: Scientists, writers and brokers of peace around the world will be holding their breaths for a potentially life-altering, $1.5 million phone call from Scandinavia next week. Goran Hansson will dial the first one. “Sometimes they think that I’m joking,” said Hansson, secretary of the Nobel Prize committee for medicine. He …


Arab Spring, Obama, China: Nobel committee chair speaks out

OSLO: The Norwegian Nobel Committee met Friday to pick the 2011 peace prize winner, with the committee chair telling AFP this year’s choice was a relatively easy one, amid speculation Arab Spring actors could win. "It has not been particularly difficult this year [to decide on a winner]," Thorbjoern Jagland said a day before the …


Nobel peace ceremony honors absent laureate Liu

OSLO: The head of the Nobel committee placed this year’s peace prize on an empty chair Friday as he called on a furious Beijing to free the new laureate Liu Xiaobo from his Chinese prison cell. As Communist authorities in Beijing fumed at the award for the 54-year-old dissident and pro-China demonstrators gathered outside the …


Nobel China stand-off heats up ahead of ceremony

OSLO: Supporters and opponents of jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo were mobilizing Thursday on the eve of a ceremony in honor of the absent Nobel Peace Prize laureate that has enraged Beijing. China has kept up a barrage of criticism of the award to Liu who will be unable to attend the ceremony, insisting that …