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Eid travel

With a long weekend ahead it is the perfect time to check out the best places to visit in Egypt

Daily News Egypt

“The country is running several development projects in the Suez Canal, North Siwa, Nubia, New Valley, Nasser Lake and North Coast,” Morsi said. AFP PHOTO/KHALED DESOUKI

Morsi introduces massive national projects

President Mohmed Morsi made a television appearance yesterday with TV host Amr El-Leithy where he discussed new massive national projects, controversy about usury from the proposed IMF loan and average Egyptian’s minimum wage.

Daily News Egypt

The Sahel Awards

Our final award is won by the same competitor year after year, no matter how much trends change and no, it is still not okay to wear Crocs.

Ahmed Khalifa

Liquid Park opens in Sahel

Some parts tempt you to test your skill to pass without losing your footing and fall in the water. Others are specifically designed to make the biggest splash you can.

Adel Heine

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