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Is North Korea losing China?

By Christopher R. Hill DENVER: For most countries, the spectacular failure of a rocket launch would mean a return to the drawing board, or at least some introspection aimed at figuring out what went wrong. But that does not appear to be the case in North Korea, where the flubbed launch of its long-range Unha-3 …


Obama warns N. Korea, Iran their options are few

By Anne Gearan / AP SEOUL: President Barack Obama is warning North Korea and Iran that their options are few and their friends fewer as those nations refuse to back down from actions the world sees as menacing. “By now it should be clear,” Obama said, addressing North Korea from the South Korean capital only about …


South Korea’s Iran

By Lee Byong-chul SEOUL: The United States is now wrestling with the nuclear fears of two of its close allies, Israel and South Korea. Israel’s alarm at the prospect of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon is existential in nature. The same is true of South Korea, whose capital sits only 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the …


North Korea’s Kim meets Egypt’s Sawiris

By Kelly Olsen/AP SEOUL: North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Il held talks with an Egyptian telecoms magnate whose company set up and operates an advanced mobile phone network in the impoverished communist nation in a rare meeting with a foreign business executive. Cairo-based Orascom Telecom launched a third-generation mobile network in North Korea in late …


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