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“Spirit of Egypt” blends Egyptian heritage with modern art

The fine artist and novelist Abdelaziz Al-Samahy decided to dedicate his whole life bringing the old Egyptian heritage, lifestyle, customs, and traditions back to life and introducing young people to the simple architecture of old houses. His last exhibition titled “The Spirit of Egypt,” held in Cairo Opera House a few months ago, managed to …

Rana Khaled

Notable writer Gamal El-Ghitani dies at age 70

Egyptian renowned writer Gamal El-Ghitani died Sunday after being a coma since August. El-Ghitani stands as one of Egypt’s literature heavyweights, winning many prizes and gaining international recognition. His last decoration was the Nile Award for Literature in 2015. He was also responsible for establishing Egypt’s most posh literary publications in 1993, after a successful …

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