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What does Egypt’s political map look like today?

Several months before the elections for Egypt’s House of Representatives, scheduled to take place this coming October, many Egyptians are asking: what is the plan of those political parties participating in these elections? Some ask this question not because they doubt that these elections will take place at its scheduled time, but rather because they …

Farid Zahran

On blood, lynching and moving forward

Two months ago, after a heated discussion, a bunch of us self-proclaimed analysts concluded that Egypt is about to dive head-first into a fresh wave of violence. The trigger to this downward spiral started in November 2012 with Morsi’s dictatorial presidential decree immunising his decisions and the work of the Shura Council while passing a …

Sara Abou Bakr

The future of the Muslim Brotherhood

Almost nine months have passed since Mohamed Morsi was declared President. Nine months went by with the Muslim Brotherhood on top of state institutions, state authorities and in charge of political policies. Last summer when Morsi went to Tahrir Square for the first time, I was debating with a friend whether this experiment would be …

Ziad A. Akl

Review: Op-eds look at destroying sculptures and torture cases

Commentaries in different Egyptian newspapers have explored an assortment of topics concerning developments in the political scene. Some writers condemned the recent Islamist attacks on historic statues located inside the Japanese garden of Helwan, recalling the earlier destruction of Taha Hussein’s and Om Kolthoum’s statues. On another note, some columnists have compared the death cases …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Commentaries explore new revolutionary bloc and IMF loan

Writers in different newspapers have praised the newly established national revolutionary bloc and its objectives to protect the 25 January Revolution demands. On another level some commentators called upon Egyptians to decide their own destiny, rather than waiting for a devoted leader to come save the country.   The national revolutionary movement bloc Mohamed Salmawi …

Daily News Egypt

Dr H.A. Hellyer

“The Revolution continues”: No longer a slogan

When the crowds swelled in the Square of Liberation in January 2011, the chant of al-sha’ab yurid isqat al-nidham (‘the people demand the fall of the regime’) was a pithy slogan. By the time Hosni Mubarak was pushed out of power eighteen days later, Tahrir Square had become much more than simply a place where …

Dr H.A. Hellyer