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The cautionary tale of NSFMommy and MBDaddy

Good morning Children, Today we are going to tell the story of the unfortunately very Egyptian marriage of NSFMommy and MBDaddy. Like most Egyptian marriage stories, it‚Äôs a very stupid family drama where there are no heroes and even the victim looks bad in the end. We are not sure if there is a moral …

Mahmoud Salem

Leaders of the National Salvation Front head civil parties march to Tahrir against presidential constitutional decree. (DNE / Basil Al-Dabh)

March to the palace

Opposition parties and movements plan Friday demonstrations in Cairo to the presidential palace and across the country

Basil El-Dabh

Egypt’s opposition: The sultan’s slackers

By Karl Sharro There is an old Egyptian joke about Tanabel El-Sultan, (the Sultan‚Äôs slackers), who were notorious for their laziness. The sultan was so fed up with seeing the slackers lazing about that one day he ordered their execution. The slackers were loaded onto a wagon and driven off to be killed. Fortunately for …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Commentaries denounce Morsy’s call for dialogue

After President Mohamed Morsy met with a number of politicians in a new round of dialogue talks, several opinion writers have denounced the move, believing it is another failed attempt at fruitless dialogue.   Replacing the cabinet is the first solution Diaa Rashwan Al-Masry Al-Youm Rashwan believes that the only way out of this crisis …

Daily News Egypt

Shahira Amin

Train disaster fuels rising anger

News of Monday night’s deadly train accident in Badrashin, 40 km south of Cairo, shocked and dismayed Egyptians . Nineteen young conscripts of the Central Security Forces were killed and scores were injured (many of them critically) when two train carriages derailed and rammed into a parked freight train. The train, carrying more than a …

Shahira Amin