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Egypt ‘too big to fail’: Director of Actis in Egypt

Actis is an emerging markets investor with US$5.2 billion funds under management. Through the expertise of over 120 investment professionals on the ground in twelve countries, Actis identifies investment opportunities in three areas: private equity, infrastructure and real estate. Daily News spoke to Actis’s Director in Egypt about the current business environment in Egypt, the challenges as well as the solutions to reposition Egypt as an attractive investment destination.

Daily News Egypt

Egypt: Banks attracting Gulf investors

  By Robert Tashima Despite an uncertain political climate and a sluggish economic recovery, the long-term prospects of Egyptian banks are attracting attention from their Gulf counterparts. Two recently announced acquisitions have brought the sector back into the headlines on a positive note, helping offset a recent ratings downgrade. While the transactions also represent the …

Daily News Egypt

QNB in final stages of NSGB acquisition

Qatar National Bank (QNB) Group announced that it is in “definitive agreement” with the French bank Societe Generale concerning the acquisition of its entire stake in National Societe Generale Bank Egypt (NSGB). Societe Generale owns 77.17 per cent of NSGB. QNB Group will launch a mandatory tender offer (MTO) for 100 per cent of the …

Mohamed El-Bahrawi

Hamstrung, humbug and hubris

By Philip Whitfield Cairo: Sheep steal elections. But you tempt fate pulling the wool over voters’ eyes.   War is not receding in the Middle East. It is building to a crescendo US secretary of state (2005 to 2009) Condoleezza Rice writes in the Washington Post. Her clarion call is trumpeted by the Tahrir Square …

Fady Salah

Qatar National Bank in talks to acquire majority stake in NSGB

By Sarah Daoud Société Générale is in talks with Qatar National Bank (QNB) to sell its majority stake in its Egyptian subsidiary, according to Mohamed El Deeb, chairman and managing director of National Société Générale Bank-Egypt (NSGB-Egypt). QNB has expressed interest and approached the group about potential acquisition of its 77.2 percent majority stake in …

Daily News Egypt

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