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Egypt to establish free zone in Nuweiba on 226 feddans  

The Egyptian Cabinet approved at its weekly meeting, chaired by Sherif Ismail, the establishment of a free zone in Nuweiba in South Sinai governorate covering an area of 226 feddans, equivalent to 951,000 sqm. During the press conference, Governor of South Sinai Khalid Fouda said that the free zone will be established at a cost …

Daily News Egypt


Nuweiba: Egypt’s paradise of serenity 

There is no place better than the Sinai’s Nuweiba, where you can capture the real essence of the desert: waking at sunrise, just moments before the sun peaks over the mountains, and diving into the water just as the sun rises amidst the clouds. When the night comes, people start gathering from nearby villages to …

Mohamed Samir

Editor’s letter: Mubarak’s mess in today’s Sinai

Our very professional Bedouin driver takes us across the desert in South Sinai. Whenever he sees a vehicle passing by smuggling subsidised fuel for the informal black market, he gets very angry. At the first police checkpoint we approach, he stops, opens his window and immediately directs an angry question to the police officer, “Why …

Maher Hamoud

The breathtaking Sinai desert 'Lady' Colleen Heller

Nuweiba: The land of beauty, hospitality and peace

One of the best things about Nuweiba is the different ways you can experience the beauty of the land. Tourists and travellers who are looking for a unique holiday off the beaten path could not find a better location. In the area called The Dunes every budget is accommodated for, from three to five star hotels to bamboo huts on the sea’s edge. Once you have made your choice of where to stay you will begin your experience and adventure with tribal people who understand the art of hospitality like no other

Daily News Egypt

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