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Joe Biden

Biden wins 290 college electoral votes to clinch White House

Biden, who was Vice President under incumbent US President Donald Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, secured, on Saturday, 26 electoral votes of Pennsylvania and Nevada, giving him a total of 290 college electoral votes, way more than the 270 votes he needed to win, several media outlets reported on Saturday.

Daily News Egypt

Obama's former photographer throws 'Shade' in new book

Pete Souza, the former White House photographer under President Obama, has released “Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents,” a book filled with archived pictures that may induce nostalgia.Although pictures may be worth a thousand words, in the Instagram age, it is often the contrast between the image depicted and the few words accompanying them that …

Deutsche Welle

New foundations

In the post-second world war era, American-Saudi relations had been a strategic constant in the Arab world. Both the United States and Saudi Arabia had made sure to work in concert and coordinate closely their Arab and regional policies. There had been disagreements, and in some instances, very serious ones, like the ramifications of the …

Hussein Haridi

Trump moves to gut Obama’s climate legacy

With his latest executive order, President Trump has begun undoing Obama’s plan to counter global warming. But climate experts believe the move away from fossil fuels will continue regardless – leaving the US behind.US President Donald Trump signed his latest executive order on Tuesday, aiming to undo a 2015 plan proposed by former President Barack …

Deutsche Welle

Supreme Court nomination crisis

The battle of US president Donald Trump—who has selected judge Neil Gorsuch as his choice to fill late Antonin Scalia’s seat at the US Supreme Court—is a conflict of utmost importance. In February 2016, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Antonin Scalia died, leaving a vacancy at the highest federal court of the United States. …

Mohamed Samir

Trump, racism, and other stuff

International and local media, as well as social networks, circulated the executive order issued by US president Donald Trump which banned people from numerous Muslim-majority countries to enter the US. Many tried to analyse the decision and came up with different results, while no one has bothered to read the decision itself or analyse it …

Mohamed Samir

My message to Obama’s successor

  I am currently travelling around the United States (US) after spending a very enlightening few days in Washington DC where I was privileged to address delegates attending the 25th Annual Arab-US Policymakers Conference for the second year running. This year, the event was titled “The next US presidency and US-Arab relations, probabilities, possibilities, potential …

Khalaf Al Habtoor

Obama makes history with Havana visit

First came the pope, and now Obama: The US president is making a historic visit to Cuba. The process of rapprochement between the two former arch foes has advanced far enough that it cannot simply be undone.

Deutsche Welle

Obama White House ‘in violation of’ Anti-Torture Convention

Human Rights Watch has called on the Obama administration to launch a new and credible investigation into Bush-era CIA torture. The White House has so far failed to comply with international law, the group said. A year has passed since the US Senate released the summary of a still classified report detailing CIA torture of …

Deutsche Welle

Obama suggests Russia might eventually work with US in ending Syria conflict

President Obama has emphasized the need for a diplomatic response to the ongoing conflict in Syria. He was speaking during the climate talks in Paris, which Russian President Vladimir Putin also attended. Obama expressed optimism about the future of US-Russia collaboration in the ongoing Syrian conflict, suggesting Moscow might eventually shift its position on the …

Deutsche Welle

Obama urges calm after downing of Russian jet

US President Barack Obama has called for a reduction in tensions after Turkey shot down a Russian military jet over Syria. He spoke by phone to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Obama and Erdogan agreed on the need to reduce tensions after Turkish forces shot down a Russian fighter jet, claiming it had entered Turkish …

Deutsche Welle

Netanyahu in Washington: The charm-offensive

The two leaders’ poor relationship is the stuff of Washington legend, the frequency of their encounters not a sign of mutual affection but the sheer volume of grim business they have dealt with during their overlapping tenures.

Deutsche Welle