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Notes from America: Why Ahmed got arrested and Malala got a Nobel prize

Ahmed Mohamed, the young inventor, and Malala Yousafzai, the young women rights advocate, both have a story. However, each story has a different narrative and a different ending. Ahmed and Malala are both Muslims and were both victims of ignorance, bigotry and a self-righteous mindset, and they both became household names. Ahmed was a victim …

Ahmed Tharwat

Obama to close four-day visit with address African Union

During the final day of his visit to Africa, US President Barack Obama is set to deliver a message to the continent with a speech at the African Union (AU). He is later scheduled to meet with civil society delegates. Obama's address to the 54-member AU on Tuesday will be held at the Union's Chinese-built headquarters in the Ethiopian capital,…

Deutsche Welle

Quiet diplomacy with Ethiopia is not very effective, HRW says

After talks with US President Barack Obama, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has insisted the government's commitment to democracy is real. But the facts speak for themselves, says HRW's Leslie Lefkow. Ethiopia's prime minister defended his country's commitment to democracy. And, of course, his country has often been 'misrepresented' by your organization, among others. What do you make of the…

Deutsche Welle

Guantanamo: Where US terror prisoners occupy Cuban soil

Barack Obama would like to close the US prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba before the end of his term. The Cubans would like to have the entire base back. And the US Congress is opposed to both ideas, Kersten Knipp writes. Oh the things that Cuba could offer! Pineapples, coconuts, oranges and bananas, as well as potatoes, lettuce and…

Deutsche Welle

Opinion: On UK ‘Brexit,’ Obama is thinking US – not EU

The UK has to stay in the EU, Barack Obama says. Only then will it be able to continue to play a role on the international stage. More than anything, he has US interests in mind, Gero Schliess writes in Washington. Some observers may have rubbed their eyes in disbelief: For the longest time, the Americans had gone out of…

Deutsche Welle

​Notes from America: How American football…explains America

By Ahmed Tharwat Last Sunday, more than 140 million Americans congregated in living rooms, bars, restaurants to eat, drink and watch the Super Bowl XLIX  (49). This is the biggest sporting event of the year, with highest TV rating (39.1 points); the game day ticket price averaging $10,466, it brought more than $500M economic value (debatable) to …

Daily News Egypt

Education: The global antidote to poverty, disease and terrorism

By Dr Cesar Chelala Despite enormous technological advances, humanity continues to grapple with three enormous burdens: poverty, disease and terrorism (both individual and state-sponsored.) Although the policies aimed at solving those problems are different, there is one approach that can help lower the negative effect of all three: education. There is a clear connection between …

Daily News Egypt