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White House sees a partner in Assad

By Tony Badran, Now. As 2013 drew to a close, the Wall Street Journal published a lengthy and damning chronicle of President Obama’s handling of Syria. And while 2013 was a particularly catastrophic year for US policy in Syria, 2014 promises to be even worse. For if last year marked Washington’s official abandonment of the Syrian opposition, this …

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African philanthropists push for prosperity

By Kingsley Ighobor Last July, US President Barack Obama set the spark for his Power Africa programme that will help sub-Saharan African countries build power production and transmission projects and double their access to electricity. President Obama announced in Cape Town, South Africa, his plan to mobilise $16bn for investments that will generate 10,000 megawatts …

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America’s unlearned lessons

By Michael Young, NOW. Afghanistan all over again After the 11 September 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, you would often hear from Americans that Washington had botched the aftermath of the civil war in Afghanistan. Instead of helping stabilise the country after having armed the Afghanis in their struggle against the Russian occupation, …

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Obama knows best

By Tony Badran, Now. America’s allies are troubled. At the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme that took place in Geneva last week, the US administration came close to giving the Iranians significant sanctions relief while allowing them to continue uranium enrichment and construction on the plutonium reactor – thereby preserving Iran’s short-cut to a nuclear …

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US spy chiefs hit back in Europe row

The revelations came as a senior official said President Barack Obama was considering banning US spies from tapping the telephones of allied leaders, in the wake of German outrage over alleged snooping on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s communications.

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Obama’s Syria Debacle

By Dr. Alon Ben-Meir I am not a war monger; I know the meaning of war, the death toll, the suffering, and the destruction of property along with the spirit of innocent men, women and children. That said, regardless of how appalling the use of force is to achieve any objective, there is a time …

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In Syria, the punishment must fit the crime

By Ammar Abdulhamid, Now News If the purpose of the looming US-intervention in Syria is to restore America’s credibility, and more specifically President Obama’s, which has suffered measurably on the international scene as a result of his foot-dragging over the last two and a half years, then a limited intervention will prove insufficient and will …

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Fighting talk

By Philip Whitfield A just war? Or just a war? Martyrdom versus military might? How far is Syria’s Assad willing to go? Or will he go willingly? Who wins? Does everyone lose? Apparently you can be at both ends and in the middle at the same time. Bashar the Beast fights bantamweight: bare-knuckle with the …

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President Obama Should Heed World Leaders’ Opinion

By Dr Cesar Chelala At the St. Petersburg meeting of the Group of 20 (G20) of developed and developing economies, President Barak Obama faced growing opposition on his decision to go to war with Syria by almost all world leaders, with the exception of France’s President. At a critical moment in that conflict, President Obama would be wise to follow the …

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