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Reshaping body image

A student uses her talent to draw portraits for overweight girls showing them wearing bright colourful dresses, bikinis, skinny t-shirts, encouraging a more positive self-image

Daily News Egypt

Weigh more, pay more

By Peter Singer MELBOURNE: We are getting fatter. In Australia, the United States, and many other countries, it has become commonplace to see people so fat that they waddle rather than walk. The rise in obesity is steepest in the developed world, but it is occurring in middle-income and poor countries as well. Is a person’s …


Egypt ranks second in female obesity, says report

CAIRO: The Middle East stands out with an especially strong increase in female obesity, with Egypt ranking as one of the world’s top three most obese nations for women, along with Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a report said. The Euromonitor International report attributes the increase in female obesity to the rapid economic …


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