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Brazil promises to present outstanding Olympic Games

There are 11,360 players participating in the ongoing Olympic Games, competing in 28 sports. Brazil dedicated about 47,000 police officers and 38,000 soldiers to be stationed at the events in order to guarantee the safety of 500,000 visitors who came to witness the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro witnessed a magnificent opening …

Maya Nawar

Olympics 2016: Finding The Golden Path

How shoudl top German athletes be funded to bring back the medals? It’s been a hotly-debated topic in Germany for the past two years. There are a number of different models that could be been adopted.

Deutsche Welle

Rio’s cheerful mayor

Just weeks ahead of the Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro is still grappling with negative headlines. DW correspondent Friedel Taube met the one man in Rio who isn’t fazed: Mayor Eduardo Paes.

Deutsche Welle

Interview: Egyptian swimmer Farida Osman

Among the many Egyptian athletes who have qualified for the upcoming Olympic Games, swimmers or otherwise, Osman, 21, is one of the few who is expected to bring home at least one Olympic medal

Maya Nawar

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