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Press Release: Baseera Center Opinion Poll for Al-Hayat Channel One year of Morsi and the Brotherhood’s rule

Around 63% of Egyptians believe that their living conditions are now worse than they were at the start of President Mohammed Morsi’s tenure.

Half of all Egyptians believe there has been foreign interference in Egypt’s internal policies by other nations during the first year of the president’s tenure.

59% of Egyptians believe that the country would be in a better state had the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces remained in power.

Daily News Egypt


In Pictures: “Leave” chants rock Egypt

Hundreds of thousands of protesters demanding the removal of President Mohamed Morsi took to the streets on 30 June, the anniversary of his coming to power. Demonstrators from differentgovernorates filled the streets chanting “leave”, “down with the Brotherhood’s rule” and “the people demand the downfall of the regime” . Marches started from different meeting points …

Daily News Egypt

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