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90% of Egypt’s external trade management to go online next January

The electronic management will be handled via a nationwide network of logistics centres, some of which have already begun operating in Cairo, West and East Port Said, and Ain Sokhna. Further logistics centres are scheduled to commence operations in Alexandria by the end of this month, Damietta in November, and Dekheila city in January.

Shaimaa Al-Aees

A safer internet and the stupid things we do online

You don’t have to be savvy to be safe online. Just sensible. On Password Day, here are 5 things you should avoid doing, ranked by their increasing stupidity. Check number two for password advice!Be sensible online, avoid a few stupid pitfalls, and a safer internet will be within everyone's grasp. 5) The abandoned-phone toilet-dash Ever …

Deutsche Welle

8 ways to pay electricity bills online

The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) has activated its contract with e-finance to bring the electronic collection of electricity bills into force. This came through linking all nine electricity companies, together with the e-finance network. The nine companies include North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company, South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company, Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company, El-Behera Electricity …

Daily News Egypt

SEA-ME-WE 3 marine cable to go back online on 9 January 2018

The South East Asia–Middle East–Western Europe 3 (SEA-ME-WE 3) cable system between Perth and Singapore, currently down, is expected to be repaired by 9 January 2018. According to Vocus Group, the international telecommunications company headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the cable was advised faulty in a location approximately 1,126km from the cable landing station in Singapore. …

Daily News Egypt

Online vs offline shopping: which is better for the environment?

Is buying something with the click of a mouse worse for the planet than picking it up off the shelf and taking it home yourself? And if it is – would it change the way you shopped?Would you avoid shopping online if you thought that would help the environment? That’s what Germany’s environment minister Barbara …

Deutsche Welle

Egypt to host first online puppet festival in March

Aiming to revive the various puppet theatre arts in Egypt, Kayan marionette puppet theatre will host the first round of the international online festival for puppet shows on 1-30 March. The festival will launch a new platform for connecting thousands of puppeteers from around the globe while also providing the public with an innovative way …

Rana Khaled

New tool to fight IS propaganda online

A nonprofit group in the US says it has created a technology that can detect images generated by terrorists and remove them from social media platforms. DW spoke to Mark Wallace, CEO of the Counter Extremism Project.

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Find good free stuff online

It’s gift-giving season. Wondering what to get for your family, your friends, or your inner child? You’re in luck. Just send them a link to this article and they’ll be set up with loads of free stuff – indefinitely.

Deutsche Welle

Google can continue with digitized online library

A US appeals court has ruled Google can continue to digitize millions of books as the judges say no copyright violations are involved. Authors, who first challenged the firm a decade ago, will not be amused. The 2nd US Circuit Court in Manhattan ruled Friday Google was not violating any copyright laws by digitizing books …

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