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Latest in Tag: Opel Astra

Opel Insignia tops European car sales in Egypt 

The Opel Insignia has topped the market for European cars in Egypt during the first quarter of this year, with 526 units sold for EGP 294.5m. The Opel Astra came second with 525 sold cars for EGP 188.9m, followed by the Renault Duster in third place, with EGP 130.8m in sales and 429 sold units. …

Daily News Egypt

Price hikes increase car sales to EGP 44.4bn

The wave of increased car prices in 2016 has increased growth in the value of car sales, taking them to EGP 10.4bn after the car market achieved total sales worth EGP 44.4bn last year, compared to EGP 34bn in 2015. The passenger car market sold more than 142,000 units—a 27% decline—compared to 195,500 cars sold …

Ahmed Amer

Opel Astra snatches leadership from Renault Logan

Opel Astra managed to stay on the top of the list of sold European cars in Egypt during the first 11 months of 2016, as sold European cars together achieved sales of EGP 5.6bn with 17,800 units. Opel Astra was able to overtake Renault Logan, who was the top-runner in 2015, as Astra sold 3,468 …

Daily News Egypt

Kia Sportage registers sales of 3,116 units

Kia Sportage, manufactured in Kia’s factories in Slovakia, maintained its top spot in European-origin personal car sales in Egypt. Kia Sportage is considered a European car and benefits from the reduction of customs in accordance with the Egyptian–European partnership agreement. The car registered sales of 3,116 units during the first nine months of 2016, amounting to EGP …

Ahmed Amer

Kia Sportage outperforms Opel Astra sales

Kia Sportage took the top spot from Opel Astra in sales of European-origin cars. Though headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Kia Sportage is manufactured in Slovakia before it is imported to Egypt—therefore it is considered a European brand. The model registered sales of 2,379 units over the course of seven months worth EGP 666m in …

Ahmed Amer

1,996 units of Opel Astra sold in six months

Opel Astra maintained its position in leading sales of European cars in Egypt between January and June, registering sales of 1,996 units worth EGP 495m. During that period, Kia Sportage—manufactured in Slovakia—recorded the second highest sales with 1,941 sold units worth EGP 543m, followed by Peugeot 301, which recorded sales of 1,191 cars worth EGP …

Daily News Egypt

Opel Astra tops best-selling European cars in Egypt

Opel Astra maintained its position leading sales of European cars in Egypt between January and May, registering sales of 1,776 units worth EGP 440.4m. Kia Sportage, manufactured in Slovakia, came in second with 1,366 cars sold over five months worth EGP 382.5m. Peugeot 301 was ranked third with 975 sold units worth EGP 136m. Opel …

Daily News Egypt

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