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Fighting for inclusion

A few weeks ago I was invited to a UNDP-sponsored forum on “women’s participation in post-revolutionary parliamentary elections.” Policy makers, legislators and opinion leaders from Egypt, Libya and Tunisia had gathered to share their experiences in legislative elections held following the mass uprisings in their countries and discuss ways of ensuring increased participation of women …

Shahira Amin

Security in times of austerity

If you’ve lived in Egypt long enough, you probably know that the police force is colloquially dubbed “the government.” It is the first arm of the government encountered by citizens in their daily lives. For as long as I’ve lived, there has always been a mutual sense of resentment, animosity and even contempt between the …

Fady Salah

Islamists, Tourism and Media

Speaking with an EU parliamentarian I was surprised by their parting question, which was; “is it true that Salafis want to destroy the pyramids? I heard that a Salafi appeared on TV saying he wants to destroy the pyramids.” I was indeed surprised, that such a non-representative interview produced for shock value and media consumption …

Fady Salah

Parliament 2013: What to expect?

The constitutional fiasco is finally over; leaving the burden of dealing with its consequences and the political chaos this constitution is likely to produce on the shoulders of the opposition. In an attempt to face the Muslim Brotherhood’s ever growing hunger for power, the opposition has decided to further consolidate its unified front and prepare …

Fady Salah

Editor’s letter: Egyptian naive hopes for 2013

For some reason, towards the end of every year I feel emotionally detached from the many wishes and hopes of a happy New Year. I always wonder what difference it would make waking up the following day in a year that has a different digit to the right. However, I still like these good wishes …

Maher Hamoud

After the Constitution: Have we Really Achieved Stability?

rid The referendum was passed with nearly 64% of the electorate voting “Yes,” in two rounds of voting that possessed its fair share of violations, rigging and fraud. Those who did vote “No,” were not just saying no to the referendum itself, but also to the larger Muslim Brotherhood franchise. With regards to those who …

Fady Salah

Folly to be wise

By Philip Whitfield Undressing the tree, the Christmas cards tease. Bundle and bung? Or pause wistfully. The ones from Palestine are most inclining. Not from bullyboys or assassins. They hail from everyday folk. One draws most attention. The writer points out that when O little town of Bethlehem is sung seldom think of today’s city …

Fady Salah

Hesham Hellyer

On hope and gratitude in 2013: the rock and the tide

I am not particularly enthusiastic about New Year’s Eve. My favourite in the last decade was in 2007/8; my wife and I watched a movie, and fell asleep at 11pm. That is usually the extent of my excitement on this night. But it seems that a lot of my dear friends take this evening rather seriously, …

Dr H.A. Hellyer

Most read columns in 2012

Daily News Egypt would like to thank contributors to the Commentary page who provided us and our readers with insight, analysis, hope and in some cases laughter to pull us through the stressful times

Daily News Egypt

The Islamists’ political obsession

Finally, the Muslim Brotherhood’s newborn is here. The Shura Council is back, alive and kicking. The Council that hung by a thread for months waiting for a court ruling to be dissolved is now the legitimate legislative authority. Once again, the Brotherhood succeeds. With complete disregard to laws, norms, opposition and national interest, the Muslim …

Fady Salah

It’s the harasser who’s responsible for harassment in Islamic Law

By Musa Furber “Oppressing women and justifying it using Shari’a is more offensive to our Prophet than a cheap film.” Al-Habib ‘Ali al-Jifri Fear of sexual harassment is a fact of life for women in Egypt. Many have posited that women themselves should bear responsibility for such harassment, with even seemingly religious arguments being deployed …

Fady Salah

Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: On the revolutionary and fighting for square one

The revolutionary have wisely recognised that they have lost the constitution’s battle for the Muslim Brotherhood and it seems that they understand that it is only one of many still ahead. However, they keep blaming it on the voting process manipulation, which is negligible of a deeper failure they have. The talk is so much …

Fady Salah

Silencing the critics

Bassem Youssef, host of the satirical TV show “Al Bernameg” (The Program) faces investigation after a lawyer filed a complaint earlier this week, accusing him of insulting President Mohamed Morsy. The case against Youssef is the latest in a series targeting journalists and bloggers in recent months, threatening to undermine freedom of expression in the …

Shahira Amin

On turning 30

So I am turning the big “three-oh” in a couple of days. I have been itching to reach this age since I was 17 and just starting college. For me, it was the magical number, the age of finally knowing who I am. I was never keen on being a teenager. Childhood was a wonderful …

Fady Salah

Review: Columnists debate Muslim Brotherhood and opposition

After the constitution referendum has ended its two phases, columnists are debating the situation of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2005 and now in 2012. Some writers are calling upon the opposition groups to unite up in serious political parties.   The Muslim Brotherhood between 2005 and 2012 Mohamed Abul Ghar Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper Abul Ghar …

Fady Salah

Managing editor Rana Allam

Shine on you crazy…backside?

And now, the row begins over Yasser Borhami’s leaked video, where he is trying to sell the “Yes to the constitution” idea to a group of his bearded fellows. In the video, Borhami, a Salafi Sheikh from Alexandria, discusses how he managed to include certain words in Article 219 of the constitution, which would enable …

Fady Salah

Morsy’s ghost

Morsy’s in an invidious spot. If he tries being a healing president he’s toast with the Muslim Brotherhood. If he’s arbitrarily Procrustean, he’s dead meat with the rest.

Fady Salah