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The rise of the thugs

Stepping back and taking a good look at the news, I realised that according to the media, violence has reached unprecedented levels in this country

Rana Allam

On Secularism and Islam in Egypt

Among many secular liberalists lies a contradiction when it comes to raising Islam in debates concerning political or civil affairs. For example there is the common complaint that preachers have become very harsh or that Islamists are supposedly negating the tolerant and merciful side of Islam, but simultaneously they claim that Islam should remain more …

Mustafa Salama

Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: Morsy, the good brother

Theoretically speaking, we could argue that the one month President Mohamed Morsy has spent in office is not enough to judge his performance as Egypt’s first leader after the revolution. However, practically speaking, it seems enough. Given a few facts regarding Morsy’s attainment of the presidency, we can understand feelings of anger among the electorate, …

Maher Hamoud

Ziad Akl

Qandil’s Government: failing the political diversity test

It is too early to judge the policies or the performance of Hesham Qandil’s government, but it is a suitable time to judge the political significance of its makeup and what this represents. The selection of ministers in Qandil’s government is the first real step towards creating President Mohamed Morsy’s administration. During his first month …

Ziad A. Akl

At least think clean!

By Alya Essam Driving out of Cairo’s neighbourhood of Dokki last weekend, I saw a group of youthful girls and boys dressed up in yellow phosphoric coloured vests and latex gloves. A group was holding brooms, and the other was simply collecting piles of waste in the nearest green-coloured garbage bins. I mumbled and recalled …

Daily News Egypt

On Hesham Qandil’s appointment as Egypt’s new premier

By Alia Assam All hopes for the appointment of the Muslim Brotherhood’s powerful icon, Khayrat Al-Shatiron, to the head of the cabinet came to an end with President Morsy’s selection of Hesham Qandil to be the Second Republic’s first Prime Minister. While most revolutionary political movements have not commented whether in favour or support of …

Daily News Egypt

A New Arab World: local, regional and international transformations

Essam Al-Eryan, a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure who also heads the Committee of Foreign Relations in the post-revolution parliament wrote on his twitter account: “Democracy, free elections, and peaceful transition of power, will change the map of the region and end Sykes Picot. The Arab citizen has become the decision maker, and Islam is the …

Mustafa Salama

January vs. July

The January 25th revolutionaries believe in their heart of hearts that their revolution came to end the July 23rd revolution

Mahmoud Salem

Military Trials and Morsi’s Amnesty

Ever since Morsi’s victory in the presidential election, calls have been escalating for a presidential intervention in to cases where civilians have been detained in military prisons and tried before military courts. Regardless of the motives; whether a response to political pressure or genuine compassion for the cause, Morsi has promised to put the issue …

Ziad A. Akl

Geography ranks high

I do not understand how those who learned about persecution first hand have no qualms ensuring it will be part of a new Egypt, how geography ranks higher than freedom.

Adel Heine

So far yet so close

The Egyptian people are connected to their country in a way that supersedes patriotism – it seems to be an intrinsic part of their being. The country encompasses many different groups and their boundaries fluctuate depending on the matter at hand. Differences, be it geographical, social, economical or religious are clearly defined yet fade away in the face of the profound common denominator: being Egyptian. The Egyptians who have made their home abroad are a perfect example.

Daily News Egypt


I have always enjoyed talking to the drivers of the ubiquitous Cairo taxis, my broken Arabic and their often limited use of English make for an easier exchange than expected. Trying to understand, as opposed to listening to words, can suddenly go a long way, even if the traffic outside the windows is proving the opposite.

Adel Heine

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