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Netanyahu rewrites history

In Shakespeare’s famous play “King Lear”, Lear himself says, “When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.” I was reminded of these words after reading Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu state that the late grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, an Arab nationalist and a zealous foe of …

Cesar Chelala

Palestinians torch Jewish shrine amid calls for ‘revolution’

Dozens of Palestinians have thrown firebombs at holy site in the Israeli-controlled West Bank. Others have called for “revolution,” as the United Nations (UN) Security Council prepares to discuss the growing violence. The site targeted on Friday is revered by some Jews as the tomb of biblical patriarch Joseph and has become a popular prayer …

Deutsche Welle

Is there a peace partner in Israel?

By Fadi Elhusseini The Palestinian-Israeli peace process has again ground to a halt, and each party blames the other for this unfortunate failure. Israeli officials repeat continuously that there is no Palestinian peace partner, and accuse Abbas and his authority of flexing their diplomatic muscle in an attempt to isolate Israel internationally and making unilateral …

Daily News Egypt

Gaza’s heavy price

By Dr Cesar Chelala The new Israeli attacks against Gaza, which have already resulted in more than 100 deaths, will prove, once again, to be counterproductive. Violence against Palestinians will not diminish their rightful demands for freedom from occupation and for a normal, peaceful life. Why, then, if Gazans want to live in peace do they continue …

Daily News Egypt

Netanyahu’s nose

Dr Cesar Chelala As the Middle East peace talks face another standstill, Israel’s Prime Minister, Mr Benjamin Netanyahu, is quick to blame the Palestinian side. And most of the Western press dutifully parrots Mr Netanyahu’s lies. Palestinians have been guilty of stalling the peace talks, too, but for different reasons. The main weakness of Palestinian …

Daily News Egypt