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White House tightens Visa Waiver Program in wake of Paris attacks

The White House has announced it will add more screening for travelers allowed to enter the US without a visa. The decision comes after calls to tighten the Visa Waiver Program following the terrorist attacks in Paris. People from thirty-eight countries around the world are currently allowed to enter the US without applying for a …

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The art of French resistance

On murals and makeshift memorials, the French are responding to November’s deadly attacks in the French capital with graffiti, music and poetry – art that is helping a nation to heal. Elizabeth Bryant reports from Paris. Hours after the terrorist attacks, Patrick Jardry headed out with flowers and a few choice phrases from what he …

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High security and emotion at Scorpions concert in Paris

The terrorist attacks in Paris changed the meaning of going to a concert. But despite the tragedy, nearly 20,000 fans overcame fears and decided to celebrate with Scorpions. A DW film premiere on the band was cancelled. The German hard rock band Scorpions decided to perform, as planned, at a concert in Paris on Tuesday …

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EU border controls ‘have to remain an exception’

In the wake of the Paris attacks, some EU leaders have spoken of stricter controls on Europe’s outer borders. Speaking with DW, EU policy expert Urs Pötzsch said that permanent border checks aren’t an option. DW: Mr. Pötzsch, what do you think about the calls for stricter border controls at the outer borders of the …

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Paris attacks: A journey begins to prove innocence

By Hala Kindleberger “Now my husband will not be able to join me,” said a Syrian woman who has been in France for seven months, waiting for husband to arrive from Turkey. In Germany too, they have begun slowing down the acceptance of Arab and Muslim refugees after months of providing refuge. Authorities have been …

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Two Air France flights diverted after ‘security incident’

Two separate Air France flights bound for Paris have been diverted, due to a “security incident.” The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said both planes have landed and all passengers have disembarked. In a brief statement released early on Wednesday, Air France confirmed that both flights had been the “subjects of anonymous threats received after their …

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US states close door on Syrian refugees in wake of Paris attacks

Governors across the US have defied the president and said they will stop accepting Syrian refugees. Fears concerning migrants is growing after the brutal terrorist attacks in Paris. Governors representing nearly half of the 50 US states rejected on Monday plans to resettle Syrian refugees there amid fear they could pose a threat to Americans. …

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Poland turns against immigration after Paris attacks

As Poland’s new conservative, euroskeptic government takes office, analysts wonder what course the country will take on immigration in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. Rafal Kiepuszewski reports from Warsaw. Polish media on Monday led with the story of a Polish national living in Norway who was arrested in Poland on terrorism charges, after having …

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DFB to enhance security for Euro 2016 after Paris attacks

The DFB is planning a review of its security for next summer’s European championship in France. Meanwhile, more details have emerged of how the team spent Friday night in their dressing room in the Stade du France. One of the interim president’s of the DFB (German FA), Rainer Koch, was quoted in Monday’s edition of …

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Cultural life in Paris grinds to a halt after attacks

Following Friday’s attacks, Paris is in a state of emergency, also in its cultural life. Places where crowds once stood are empty. Museums have closed their doors, and the Eiffel Tower’s elevator stands still. Paris, one of the most frequently visited cities in the world, seems to be holding its breath. People are shocked. Only …

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Merkel: We are crying with France

In the wake of the devastating Paris attacks, the German chancellor has offered her condolences. Standing in solidarity with France, she has called for a fight against terrorism in both words and deeds. On Saturday morning, German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed the nation in a swift press conference with one message: Germany stands in solidarity …

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