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Latest in Tag: parliamentary elections

What does Egypt’s political map look like today?

Several months before the elections for Egypt’s House of Representatives, scheduled to take place this coming October, many Egyptians are asking: what is the plan of those political parties participating in these elections? Some ask this question not because they doubt that these elections will take place at its scheduled time, but rather because they …

Farid Zahran

Review: Columnists analyse Mubarak’s smile behind the bars

In the occasion of ousted President Mubarak’s retrial, op-ed pages dissect how he appeared waving to the people in the courthouse as if no revolution has occurred. How will the country be administrated in the coming six months? Hassan Nafaa Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper After President Mohamed Morsi’s statements about the probability of holding parliamentary elections …

Ethar Shalaby

What do we do about those caught between the corrupt and the hopeless?

After viewing the results of Egypt’s last parliamentary elections, we can safely say that they were not only contested by political parties, but also those who advocated for competing attitudes and views about the state of Egypt and its future. We have at times attempted to monitor these attitudes, identifying four major points of conflict …

Farid Zahran