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Is Boycotting the Solution?

There currently exists within Egypt’s democratic forces a raging debate as to whether or not to take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Those who advocate for boycotting the elections do so for a number of reasons, many of which are based on the assumption that it will only be a matter of time before …

Farid Zahran

Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: On the revolutionary and fighting for square one

The revolutionary have wisely recognised that they have lost the constitution’s battle for the Muslim Brotherhood and it seems that they understand that it is only one of many still ahead. However, they keep blaming it on the voting process manipulation, which is negligible of a deeper failure they have. The talk is so much …

Fady Salah

Referendum 19 March 2011, Suez Omar El Adl

Leaving a mark

Voters wipe their fingers on the walls to get rid of the excess of ink on their fingers that indicates they have voted

Fady Salah

Review: Columnists touch upon state media and political participation

Egyptian commentaries have explored an assortment of subjects. Many have continued to analyze the rising wave of political Islam, whereas others have addressed the challenges facing Egypt’s state media and the lack of interest in active political participation.   Wael Kandil The legend of the last Minister of Media Al-Shorouk newspaper The status of Egypt’s …

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