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The moment I couldn’t hold it anymore

My hand skids across the table to reach my phone and I hit the home button to know how late it is. I often forget that I wear a watch and I always use my phone to tell time. My phone home screen reads 10:43pm. It’s been almost three hours, I think to myself. I can barely …

Seif El-Eslam Essam

9% decline in mobile phone users in April

In April, the number of mobile phone users went down by 9% compared to the same period last year, according to a report by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology issued last week. The report said that the number of mobile phone subscriptions reached 96m in April 2015, while it was at 101.9m subscriptions …

Daily News Egypt

Qualcomm 2012 Innovation Conference features the “future of mobile technology”

The brightest minds in the ‘mobile ecosystem’ recently gathered in Berlin to promote innovation in the mobile phone industry. The annual Qualcomm 2012 Conference on Innovation (IQ2012) in the mobile industry concluded recently. Qualcomm sought to highlight hands-on access to the latest in mobile technology, products and services as well as insight to “the future …

Daily News Egypt

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