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Picture an Arab man

By Nada Akl BEIRUT: Picture an Arab man. Better yet . . . run a quick search on Google Images in English. You’ll find the fighter, the flag-waving protester and the religious sheikh. You’ll find the Arab man in subjective folkloric representation, framed by a loaded message; you’ll find clichés and stereotypes that seem to be …


Gilbert and George open dark new show in Hong Kong

By Stephen Coates / AFP British artists Gilbert and George have never shied away from looking the brutal truths of life directly in the eye, and their latest collection, which debuted in Hong Kong this week, is no different. “London Pictures” is a disturbing examination of sex, violence, power and death through the medium of Britain’s …


Simon Njami’s useful African dream

By Tom Dale Sometime around 1965, two glamorous Europeans paced through the airport of Niamey, capital of Niger. The man was laden with baggage, while the woman strode ahead toward the waiting photographer, Philipe Koudjina. Koudjina, then 25, would roam the streets and bars of the city taking portrait photographs and trying to sell them to …


Shoes come in all sizes

By Chitra Kalyani “The future of football is female,” proclaims one of the texts that tie the collection of photographs at Sawy Culture Wheel. German photographer Claudia Wiens launched her exhibit, along with the book, titled “Shoe Size 37 – Women’s Football in Egypt, Palestine, Turkey and Germany” on Saturday. Supported by Goethe Institute in Cairo, …


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