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Turkey in process of handing over body of dead pilot to Russia

Turkey has confirmed it has received the body of a Russian pilot shot down on Tuesday and will deliver it to Russia. The incident, which occurred along the Turkish-Syrian border, has sparked international outrage. The Turkish prime minister said on Sunday the body of the Russian pilot killed after his plane was shot down along …

Deutsche Welle

Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS militias in Syria

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) posted photos online of a captured Jordanian military pilot. The militants allegedly shot down a Jordanian fighter jet with an anti-aircraft missile near the city of Raqqa, in northern Syria, on Wednesday. The media centre of Raqqa, an ISIS-affiliated news organisation, posted several pictures showing the …

Daily News Egypt

Meet the cabinet’s economic team

With the swearing in of the new government, Daily News Egypt reintroduces the cabinet’s returning economic team and profiles the newly appointed ministers, discussing the main agenda and challenges they will have to tackle.

Daily News Egypt

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