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Turkish football supports Erdogan’s war against the Kurds

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF), in a demonstration of the inseparable ties between sports and politics, has effectively declared its support for renewed Turkish-Kurdish hostilities designed to enhance the prospects of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party in forthcoming snap elections. With armed Kurdish youth effectively taking control of at least one predominantly Kurdish city …

James Dorsey

Turkey calls for tougher action against PKK

By AFP ANKARA: Turkey on Friday urged the leader of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region for tougher action against a drawn-out insurgency waged by Kurdish militants, a Turkish diplomat told AFP. “The issue of tougher action against the (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) PKK was discussed … during the meeting” between Massud Barzani and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet …


Turkey strikes Kurdish rebels in Iraq

DIYARBAKIR: Turkish warplanes and artillery pounded Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq for a second night, hours after the rebels mounted attacks on security forces in southeastern Turkey. The Turkish action, the first against rebels holed up in the mountains of Northern Iraq in over a year, marks a stark escalation of the 27-year-old conflict after …


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