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Nile Air purchases latest airbus planes A321neo

  Nile Air company has requested to purchase the most recent single-aisle airbus planes, model A321neo. The company made the purchase request to the European manufacturing company for the model A321ceo in April, as an upgrade from A321neo. CEO of the company, Ahmed Ali, said that Nile Air is the first airline company in Egypt …

Ahmed Saad

Airbus in new delivery record

European plane maker Airbus has logged a new delivery record for its commercial aircraft segment – not enough, though, to beat US rival Boeing. Airbus said it stood ready to ramp up its production in the future.Airbus announced Wednesday it delivered a record 688 commercial planes to customers around the globe in 2016. The company …

Deutsche Welle

A320 is the most secure aircraft model: Airbus

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus said in a statement that its A320 is the most secure aircraft model with 12,499 orders and 7,020 deliveries to date. The first A320 entered service in 1988. In April 2016, over 10m passengers travelled on board A320 models, with more than 2.5m passengers per day. To date, the entire fleet has …

Possible MH370 plane part arrives in France for testing

A piece of plane debris that washed up on an Indian Ocean island has arrived in France for analysis. Investigators believe the part belongs to flight MH370, which went missing more than a year ago. An Air France flight transporting the piece of wreckage from the French island of Reunion landed at Orly airport in …

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