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Time running out to save the Earth’s plants and animals

Five new reports unveiled at a UN biodiversity summit in Colombia are sounding the alarm over the rapidly deteriorating state of biodiversity on our planet. But they also provide the tools to fight back.Delegates at a major international summit on biodiversity in MedellĂ­n, Colombia have been rattled after being presented with stark new evidence about …

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The last of their kind

Many animals and plants are on the verge of extinction. For Endangered Species Day, we look at some of the rarest among them.The Maui’s dolphin only lives in the coastal waters of New Zealand and only its North Island. While there were still about 2000 Maui’s dolphins in the 1970s, there are only 45 of …

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Peace, plants and hip-hop in Colombia

In the conflict-ravaged Colombian city of Medellin, rappers have taken up urban farming to nourish their community and plant the seeds of peace.With big Creole earrings, a bandana, and the crotch of his trousers hanging between his knees, Luis Fernando Alvarez looks more like a rapper than a farmer. Actually, he’s both. Luis, or “El …

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In Pictures: Between the clouds

By Nayera Yasser In one leap he crosses metres, in one leap he elegantly moves from one place to another. He is not some mystical creature; in fact, he is a human being with a whimsical job. In the land where some of the country’s rarest plants and palm trees stand, the date harvesting season …

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Women picking cotton in rural Egypt

The white gold of Egypt

Egyptian cotton is renowned the world over for its quality. It is transformed into sumptuous bed sheets or into made to measure, button-down shirts and that are worn by the worlds rich and famous are sold in glittering high-end stores for small fortunes. The cotton starts much more humbly though and this time of year …

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