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Poland's forgotten victims of Nazism

Poland’s ruling party and a veterans’ association demand that Polish victims of Auschwitz be better commemorated. They claim that non-Jewish victims are ignored due to the main focus on remembering the Holocaust.The wooden barracks, mountains of shoes, suitcases and locks of prisoners' shaved hair lying on the former concentration camp grounds are reminders of what …

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10 Egyptian companies look to invest in Poland, Slovakia

The Egyptian-Canadian Business Council will organise a trade mission to Poland and Slovakia next week to discuss further trade cooperation with the two countries. Moataz Raslan, chairperson of the council, said that the mission will include 10 companies operating in the oil and tourism sectors, as well as companies engaged in import and export, and …

Ahmed Sabry

Poland to close its trade promotion office in Egypt

The Polish government decided to liquidate its trade and investment promotion section at its embassy in Cairo starting from 1 February 2018, said head of the office Tomasz Przygoda. “30 April is the last working day in Egypt then the office will be closed,” added Przygoda noting, that the liquidation decision includes many other Polish …

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Poland fears economic hit as EU opens door to Ukrainians

With the EU easing travel restrictions for Ukrainians, Warsaw is worried fewer of its eastern neighbors will come to Poland for work. Cheap Ukrainian labor has helped contain inflation and boost growth.National Bank of Poland Governor Adam Glapinski warned on Tuesday that Poland faces a deficit of workers from its eastern, non-EU, neighbors. “What are …

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Poland’s Play to float in Europe’s largest telecoms IPO

Poland’s second-largest mobile operator Play is mulling an IPO that could exceed 3.5 billion euros. It would be Europe’s biggest telcom flotation since 2012 and a show of confidence in the Warsaw bourse.The Warsaw-based company – which serves about 14 million customers and is Poland’s fastest growing telecom operater – is reviewing options to generate …

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Egyptian wrestling players in Poland

The most significant victory was achieved by Egypt’s Haitham Fahmy in the Greco-Roman 59kg division, in which he acquired a silver medal, with the gold medal going to Japan’s Kenichiro Fumita.

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Good news for neutral and Germany fans

Germany had hoped to take all three points against Poland – to book their tickets for the round of 16. That this didn’t go according to plan is no catastrophe for the neutral – or Germany fan, writes DW’s Chuck Penfold.

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NATO beefs up presence in Eastern Europe

NATO has started a military build-up in Eastern Europe aimed at deterring Russia. The troops pose no threat to Moscow, but they are a reassurance for the Baltic region. DW’s Bernd Riegert reports from Brussels.

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