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Since the 25 January Revolution, Egypt has witnessed fierce debates. Torn between the novelty of the Democratic experience and other factors newly thrown in the mix such as Religion, and identity, the country continued to descend into chaos. Every passing instance and each event have continued to present an opportunity to label and take sides. …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Polarised, politicised and biased: Covering Egypt

In Egypt’s dire political situation, one of the most important ways to understand the complexities of the situation is the media; supposedly the institution that seeks to find the truth and present it to its audience. However, in Egypt’s case, much of the local media is polarised, politicised and biased, and international media as well does not serve as an alternative for objective reporting due to the many challenges it faces. The Daily News Egypt reviews the positions of local and international media coverage of Egypt’s latest events, and the different narratives that are presented.

Sarah El Masry

What does the future hold for Egypt?

Sunday night, during a late night call to the “Al-Hafez” television channel, I took part in a discussion with a prominent Egyptian political analyst regarding the country’s rampant political polarisation. For those who don’t know, Al-Hafez is a relatively extremist channel that plays host to a number of far right personalities, including a sheikh who …

Farid Zahran

Review: Columnists warn from growing polarisation

After voters had queued up to cast their votes in the second stage of the controversial constitutional referendum on Saturday, many columnists condemned the growing polarization pervading Egyptian society today. Instead of uniting Egyptians, the constitution crisis has pitted citizens against each other according to their political and religious inclinations. Op-ed columnists explored this growing …

Fady Salah

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