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A handout picture released by the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (photo: AFP /UNAMID/ALBERT GONZALEZ FARRAN)

UN deadline in Sudan set to end without progress

  As the United Nations’ deadline for peace talks between Sudan and South Sudan looms ever nearer, Sudan has been plagued by the largest anti-government demonstration the country has seen since austerity measures were implemented in June. The protest raged on Tuesday as over 1,000 people, mostly students, took to the streets in Darfur in …

Luiz Sanchez

72-hour deadline passes for hostages in Sinai

As the 72-hour deadline for the American and Egyptian hostages passes, the abductor threatens to harm them if his uncle is not released from prison. Police said authorities were engaged in ending the standoff.

Hend Kortam

Gang fights in Dubai

Sword-wielding thugs are becoming more and more common in the UAE, as unemployment for nationals rises amid the rapid development of its cities.

Daily News Egypt

Case of policemen allegedly inciting violence referred to PA committee

By Safaa Abdoun CAIRO: In a heated discussion, parliament referred to the defense and national security committee the case of a police officer allegedly caught outside the building inciting protesting workers to use violence. The committee will hold an emergency meeting to investigate the case and listen and document the testimonies of the MPs. The People’s …


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