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The rise of political bots on social media

Automated social media accounts – bots – have become part of our political communication. Bot armies can influence online discourse and pick fights with users. But are all bots bad? Thomas Baerthlein reports from London.

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European Film Awards dominated by political themes

British actor Stephen Daldry and Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard were among the celebrities attending the 28th annual European Film Awards. But British actor Sir Michael Caine was the superstar of the night. Attended by more than 900 guests from the European film industry, the red carpets were rolled out in Berlin on Saturday for the …

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Libyan factions reach agreement aimed at ending political deadlock

The two rival governing bodies in Libya have announced they have reached an agreement aimed at ending the power standoff which followed Moammar Gadhafi’s overthrow. The plan would need approval by both parliaments. Following weekend talks in Tunisia, the opposing factions announced an initial agreement had been reached which aimed to end the country’s political …

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Art in the 80s: How the wild decade looks on canvas

The 1980s were a wild, unruly decade. The Städel Museum in Frankfurt looks at the untamed period through the eyes of artists. Electronic music with nonsense lyrics resounds from the radios. On stages in dark cellars musicians hammer on oil canisters with iron bars. Young people shave their heads, wear clothes torn to shreds while …

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