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What’s the price tag of Paris? Don’t ask the politicians

When you go shopping – whether at the corner store, or at the ritzy Galeries Lafayette or Printemps here in Paris – you expect to know what you are spending on and what you are getting. Strangely, when it comes to global climate treaties, our politicians like to commit to hugely expensive policies without even …

Bjorn Lomborg

Should Egypt be governed by majority rule or by rule of law?

By Mohammed Nosseir The term ‘majority’ could be a very pleasant one, used to refer to a segment of any given society. In reality, rulers and citizens tend to commit a number of mistakes based on a false assumption known as ‘majority rule’. This is what has been happening in our attempt to develop a …

Daily News Egypt

Op-ed review: A citizen, a writer and a politician

Ezzedin Choukri Fishere Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper Writer Ezzedin Choukri Fishere begins his article by explaining what it means to be a free citizen. “A free citizen does what he likes. He can boycott elections if he feels that they are predetermined or unfair or that it will not make a difference in his …

Daily News Egypt

Rebel Economy wrap

EGYPT’S BUDGET DEFICIT: WHY NO ONE WANTS CUTS By Farah Halime, Rebel Economy While many people generally agree that governments faced with deficits must cut spending, most do not like cuts to specific programmes. It’s the same everywhere, not least in the US where a national survey found that for 18 of 19 programs tested, the majority wanted either …

Daily News Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood from within

No other political group or movement has recieved the same attention or has had the same impact on Egyptian politics as the Muslim Brotherhood, since the ousting of Mubarak until now. The Brotherhood became an everyday reality for Egyptians. We wake up to the statements of its leaders, we follow the news of its significant …

Ziad A. Akl

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