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On the verge of a new war

The poor, Mr. President, have waited a long for someone to perceive them with sympathy, and to pull them up above the poverty line, so are you up for this?

Emad El-Sayed

National project for the poor

Ideas are endless; the important thing is that they are followed by a political will to execute them, and perhaps the most important thing is that the decision-makers think about national projects targeting the poor, who are burdened by the weight of years of oppression, poverty, disease and ignorance It is time to target this …

Emad El-Sayed

Build better roads to feed more people

By Dr. Bjørn Lomborg Almost one-quarter of all food in the world is lost each year, from harvesting and storage to wastage in the consumer’s kitchen. In sub-Saharan Africa, about 21% of all food is wasted. If we could halve the sub-Saharan waste, we could feed an extra 100 million people. We can expect almost a …

Daily News Egypt

Window to investment remains shuttered

By Mohamed Ayyad Today I am writing to you, Minister of Investment Ashraf Salman. It is up to you if you wish, honestly and in the name of success, to listen to the masses. You must wage a fierce war on bureaucracy and administrative corruption, for even if you fail, the effort will be recognised. As you …

Daily News Egypt

“Let them eat cake”

“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche,” or “let them eat cake,” as the traditional translation of this French phrase goes, is a timeless symbol of leaders that are out of touch with the realities and struggles that the poor in their societies face daily. Although likely untrue, this famous phrase is attributed to Queen Marie Antionette …

Iris Boutros

Egypt’s tourism lags due to poor marketing

Marketing campaigns abroad are generally unprofessional and do not improve the country’s ability to address tourists or study the target markets.
Egypt is the most difficult country for international movie production companies to obtain licenses for filming.

Daily News Egypt

New arrivals on the shelves

The Cedar Revolution, Youth Participation and Youth Organisations in Lebanon’s Post Intifada By Omar Bortalazzi The John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement published this month its latest research “The Cedar Revolution, Youth Participation and Youth Organizations in Lebanon’s Post Intifada”. The research examines the role of civil society after the uprising caused …

Daily News Egypt

Contemporary Egyptian nonsense part 2: The riches of Egypt!

So we continue with examining some of those wild ideas and unfounded claims which haunt the minds of many people. We are hoping to do so in a constructive manner with the aim to move beyond the old tales and actually think about something meaningful. Our discussion this week will be about the age old …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

A big question mark on the Islamic finance industry

By Muhammad Zubair Mughal Apparently, it is a matter of pleasure that global volume of Islamic finance industry has crossed $1.3tn approximately, which is, definitely, providing the best and compatible sources of finance with interest free modes.  According to a careful estimate, there are more than 2000 Islamic Financial Institutions offering Islamic Banking, Islamic Insurance …

Daily News Egypt

Op-ed Review: Egypt’s general budget

Economist Mahmoud Al-Khafif addresses the 2013-2014 budget and the current economic policies of the government. Balancing between the rich and the poor Mahmoud Al-Khafif Al-Shorouk Newspaper Egypt’s national budget is an indicator of governmental policies, economist Mahmoud Al-Khafif believes. For example, Al-Khafif writes, if the government chooses to pursue loans to remedy the budget for …

Thoraia Abou Bakr