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How can Egyptians reap fruits of economic reform?

Egypt embarked on a bold economic reform programme that included the pound flotation, a reduction in fuel and electricity subsidies, imposing taxes including the value-added tax (VAT), all with the aim of trimming the budget deficit.

Nehal Samir

32.5% of Egypt population live in poverty

Meanwhile, he showed out that the average annual household expenditure increased to EGP 51,400 annually, compared to EGP 36,700 in the previous survey in 2015, while the average family income hiked to EGP 58,000 per year in 2017/18, against EGP 44,200 during 2015.

Nehal Samir

Hondurans fleeing poverty, violence: 'There is no other option'

Despite numerous obstacles and no guarantees of success, thousands of Honduran men and women escaping grinding poverty and violence at home have set off on foot for the US in search of a better life.On Thursday afternoon, the situation was a little more relaxed at the Casa del Migrante, a hostel for migrants on the …

Deutsche Welle

How extreme poverty is forcing Pakistanis to sell kidneys

Impoverished daily wage laborers in Pakistan are forced to sell their body organs to make both ends meet. DW meets a brick kiln worker near Lahore, who narrates his horrifying tale of kidney selling to an illegal racket.Muhammad Iqbal (pictured above) is a 44-year-old laborer hailing from eastern Pakistan. He wants to play kabaddi, a …

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Financing for development should focus on channelling resources to eradicate poverty: Nasr

Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Sahar Nasr stressed that financing for development should focus on channelling resources to eradicate poverty, in line with the overall goal of the Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS): Egypt Vision 2030. “In this context, any resources for financing development must be consistent with national priorities and development strategies of the …

Daily News Egypt

Poverty: the dark side of the American empire

If we have learned anything from this last presidential election, it is that poverty continues to be a concept ignored by president-elect Donald Trump and by United States politicians. Although both avoid using the word like a naked man avoids a poisonous snake, poverty is integral to the current reality of the US socio-political landscape. …

Cesar Chelala