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Egypt’s image and the country’s soft power

It is a confusing question: Who is responsible for Egypt’s image? Perhaps the mystery lies in Egypt’s “important cards”, which are capable of producing a “wonderful image”, but the new image of Egypt is usually “temporary”. The investment conference in Sharm El-Sheikh created an “attractive atmosphere”, however the Egyptian government did not complete it. The …

Mohamed Sabrin

Is energy-efficient Germany out of our league?

It triggers both fascination and envy to know about other countries achievements in diverse fields, while we in Egypt persistently undergo electricity cuts and water shortages. Now that it is summer time and consumption is skyrocketing, the occurrence of these phenomena is also going to increase. While we use natural gas, diesel, and fuel to …

Nouran Samir

Solar power

Why did power companies agree to local arbitration for cost-sharing agreement but refuse it for power-purchase contracts?

Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker’s recent remarks against power companies have incensed investors. He said that investors knew from the beginning that the power purchase agreement (PPA) includes a condition for local arbitration in Cairo in case of any disputes. Investors signed the cost sharing agreement (CSA) which included that same condition, the minister added …

Mohamed Farag

Cheapest power in 2030: solar PV

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) projects that in most countries, solar PV will be the cheapest form of new electricity generating capacity by 2030. It predicts several major shifts in power markets.

Deutsche Welle

German utility Eon books record loss

German power supplier Eon has reported a hefty loss for the first nine months of the year as major write-downs on power stations keep weighing on the firm. The company will be split up by the end of 2015. Germany’s largest energy producer, Eon, on Wednesday reported a record loss of almost 5.7 billion euros …

Deutsche Welle

Catching a breeze to power the world

Charlotte Slingsby, a graduate design engineer, has invented Moya, a lightweight, flexible curtain that turns a soft breeze into wind energy, even in inaccessible locations. Global Ideas: When I first saw your invention, the Moya, I thought you where holding a curtain. But it’s obviously something very different. What is it? Charlotte Slingsby: It is …

Deutsche Welle