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Parliament to discuss law allowing preachers to issue fatwas

Parliament is currently gearing to vote on a law granting preachers affiliated with the Ministry of the Religious Endowments the right to issue fatwas (religious edicts), a step that angered several top religious institutions affiliated with Al-Azhar and Dar Al-Ifta. The law has caused controversy among preachers in the country‚Äôs religious institutions. The law is …

Daily News Egypt

The new preachers and the statues of social justice in Egypt

Aridity: It is not so odd that the new preachers are dressed in the robes of hermits. What feels oddest is the state of caste they embody. Finding their origins in a wealthier class has inevitably and unwillingly presented them as preachers to that very social class, which is not degrading, as the existence of …

Islam M. Elwany

Maher Hamoud

Editor’s letter: Time for the cool sheikhs

In 2010 I was invited to a lecture by Amr Khaled, organised by Regents College in London, while I was there for some media mission. The lecture was considered very important, as it was to discuss coexistence in Islam, in a city that has one of the most visible Muslim minorities in Europe. For those …

Maher Hamoud

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