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Press uprising against anti-terror law’s Article 33

By Hussein Abd Rabu One of the most important readings of the anti-terrorism law that the Egyptian government rushed to pass after the assassination of the prosecutor general, was the state of instability in managing the country. Rushing to draft a law without adequate studies and discussions caused the law to direct a strike towards …

Daily News Egypt

Terrorism by law

Why does the state insist on repeating history and losing the same old battles it has lost before, and will continue to lose so long as its aim is to suppress freedom? History does not repeat itself except in an undeveloped country and a run-down society. Despite everything we’ve gone through, we have a youth that …

Emad El-Sayed

Assault on journalism, Al-Sisi style

By Amr Khalifa The Al-Sisi regime, from its unofficial start in 2013, has been about wars: a war on terrorism, a war on the Muslim Brotherhood, and today a new war was declared: on journalism. It is not surprising for those holding pens near and far from Cairo that freedom of speech is under assault …

Daily News Egypt