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Reducing price of products depends on stability of US dollar

After the Ministry of Finance reduced the price of the US dollar used for customs to EGP16, down from EGP18.5 on 16 February, media outlets stated that the prices of a lot of products will decrease soon. The prices of almost all products have hiked during the previous months after the Central Bank of Egypt …

Hisham Salah

Tough choices

At a time in which the Egyptian people are wondering where the Egyptian government is, what is the parliament doing to control the markets, and who will save them from these crazy prices? While no one is answering these questions, and no one is thinking of the people amidst all our current crises, we were …

Abdallah Al-Moghazy

Foreign pharmaceuticals reject proposed price hikes

Foreign pharmaceutical companies operating in the Egyptian market met in Dubai last week to discuss the proposals made by the Egyptian Minister of Health Ahmed Emad El-Din to tackle the pricing issue surrounding medication. Emad El-Din had suggested increasing the cost of medication sold in Egypt by 50% of the dollar price hike. He had …

Mostafa Fahmy

Making ends meet as prices skyrocket

While price increases and inflation are inevitable for any country, in recent months Egypt has seen unprecedented price hikes which have severely impacted families’ cost of living. In the wake of the Egyptian pound flotation, subsidy cuts, and higher fuel prices, the average family’s monthly income does not stretch nearly as far as it used …

Hisham Salah

Flotation and increased fuel prices raise ceramic prices, increase market slump

Ceramic production companies have deemed it necessary to raise their prices in the coming period following the flotation of the Egyptian pound and its devaluation, besides the increased cost of production inputs, including gas, electricity, and fuel. During the eighth International Ceramic and Sanitaryware Exhibition (ICS), held between 9 and 12 November, surveyed ceramic manufacturers …

Hisham Salah