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Samsung reduces prices of mobile phones by 5.6%

Samsung reduced the prices of its mobile phones for the second consecutive time at a ratio between 3% and 5.6% from the beginning of March. The price of the Piton declined from EGP 420 to EGP 400, a reduction of 4.8%. According to the price list obtained by Daily News Egypt, the price of the …

Daily News Egypt

Price hikes increase car sales to EGP 44.4bn

The wave of increased car prices in 2016 has increased growth in the value of car sales, taking them to EGP 10.4bn after the car market achieved total sales worth EGP 44.4bn last year, compared to EGP 34bn in 2015. The passenger car market sold more than 142,000 units—a 27% decline—compared to 195,500 cars sold …

Ahmed Amer

3% decline in iPhone prices, 4% in iPads this month

The price of iPhones declined by 3% in February, where according to the new price list of Apple products, the iPhone 7 Plus has declined by 3%, from EGP 19,999 to EGP 19,399, whereas the price of the iPhone 7 Plus-28GB declined from EGP 22,699 to EGP 22,018. The iPhone Plus 7-256GB declined from EGP …

Daily News Egypt

Reducing price of products depends on stability of US dollar

After the Ministry of Finance reduced the price of the US dollar used for customs to EGP16, down from EGP18.5 on 16 February, media outlets stated that the prices of a lot of products will decrease soon. The prices of almost all products have hiked during the previous months after the Central Bank of Egypt …

Hisham Salah

Tough choices

At a time in which the Egyptian people are wondering where the Egyptian government is, what is the parliament doing to control the markets, and who will save them from these crazy prices? While no one is answering these questions, and no one is thinking of the people amidst all our current crises, we were …

Abdallah Al-Moghazy