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Morsy, the Brotherhood, and Qandil scrutinised

President Morsy, the Muslim Brotherhood, and newly appointed Prime Minister Hesham Qandil, remain the focus of opinion writing. The relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian intelligentsia has raised the concern of many who are fearful of Islamists excluding opposing voices within the art and culture realm. Meanwhile, it is suggested that the possibility …

Daily News Egypt

On Hesham Qandil’s appointment as Egypt’s new premier

By Alia Assam All hopes for the appointment of the Muslim Brotherhood’s powerful icon, Khayrat Al-Shatiron, to the head of the cabinet came to an end with President Morsy’s selection of Hesham Qandil to be the Second Republic’s first Prime Minister. While most revolutionary political movements have not commented whether in favour or support of …

Daily News Egypt

President-elect gets down to business

Oath swearing venue to be decided today, Prime minister will be an independent, patriotic figure
Morsi met with Christian representatives, martyrs’ families, intelligence chief, and revolutionary groups

Ahmed Aboulenein

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