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Spain faces electoral mess and real test

Spanish voters have broken the two-party system by welcoming two new groups to Congress following a tight election. But as Martin Delfín reports from Madrid, the fragmented outcome means more uncertainty than before.

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French prime minister urges tourists to ‘come spend money in Paris’

France’s premier Maniel Valls sent a call to tourists to come to Paris, spend money and enjoy the capital’s cultural attractions to help boost the city in the wake of deadly jihadist attacks. “Come to Paris, security conditions are assured,” Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on French radio, in what he described as a “message …

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UK suspends Sinai flights amid fears ‘explosive device’ downed Russian jet

The office of British Prime Minister Cameron has said an “explosive device” may have caused the Metrojet crash in Egypt. Egyptian authorities had earlier released information about the black boxes. A statement from Downing Street, the office of British Prime Minister David Cameron, on Wednesday said the Metrojet Airbus A321 that crashed in Egypt over …

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Alibaba’s Jack Ma to advise Cameron on business

Alibaba founder Jack Ma will join the business advisory group of British Prime Minister David Cameron. As one of China’s top economic figures, Ma is to help the UK secure better access to the Asian country’s market. The British Prime Minister’s office announced Monday that Chinese billionaire and Alibaba CEO Jack Ma would join David …

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Tsipras: A second chance

Left-wing party leader Alexis Tsipras’ victory in Greece’s general elections was surprisingly clear. He has announced that he will continue to govern with right-wing populists ANEL as his coalition partner. Before midnight, the ex-prime minister – and now premier-elect – appeared in front of his supporters in the center of Athens to : Despite empty …

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