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Egypt’s clash of freedoms

What is happening in Egypt cannot be reduced to a simple conflict between Islamists, secularists and the military. It is a fundamental clash over conflicting concepts of “freedom”. The millions of anti-Morsi protesters who flooded the streets across the country were out to oppose what they saw as a dictator-in-the-making who was robbing them of …

Khaled Diab

The isolated tent city of Rabaa

A friend had to go to the police station by the Rabaa Al-Adaweya sit-in for some documents, and there was no escape but to go through the thousands of protesters stationed in front of the Nasr City police station. My friend said: “it is a city of a parallel world”; posters of ousted president Morsi …

Rana Allam


In Pictures: Tahrir square continues to rebel

Protesters continued to flock to Tahrir square demanding the removal on President Mohamed Morsi. Tamarod (Rebellion) campaign, Al-Dostor party and Al-Tiar Al-Sha’aby among other political groups called upon the people to remain in the different squares across the country, until their demands are met Photos by Aaron T. Rose

Daily News Egypt

Sustenance on the streets

As many people in the country are out on the streets to express their opinion on the president and the government, a subculture of vendors arises with them, providing much needed sustenance to the protesters.

Daily News Egypt


In Pictures: “Leave” chants rock Egypt

Hundreds of thousands of protesters demanding the removal of President Mohamed Morsi took to the streets on 30 June, the anniversary of his coming to power. Demonstrators from differentgovernorates filled the streets chanting “leave”, “down with the Brotherhood’s rule” and “the people demand the downfall of the regime” . Marches started from different meeting points …

Daily News Egypt