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Two sides, same state

On Sunday, thousands took to the streets to reaffirm the strength of public legitimacy, peacefully marching from all squares across the capital towards Tahrir Square, the presidential palace and Al-Qubba Palace. The Tamarod campaign, which has been organising the marches, suddenly removed a couple of marches from the liston Saturday night, mainly those from middle …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

Thus spoke the Egyptians: Why is it not a coup?

When we celebrated the end of Mubarak’s rule on 11 February 2011, we did not expect to do it again two and a half years later. This is not one of the articles that talk about how great the Egyptian people are, and start taking you in an endless journey through historical achievements that date …

Ziad A. Akl

Op-Ed Review: The army, Brotherhood dreams and governance

Ahdaf Soueif On the people, and the army Al-Shorouk Newspaper Author AhdafSoueif begins her article: “The people celebrated the Armed Forces statement, and before the statement, on Sunday night, people chanted ‘Come down Sisi, Morsi is not my president’.  When the military helicopters flew over protesters before the presidential palace, it was a block of …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

If they only read their history

By Inji Mounib History is always repeating itself in all possible ways, a fact that we are aware of and a truth proven throughout time in Egypt and around the globe. Mostly historians realise this, but we all like to talk about it. Going back in history, the 80 long years since the establishment of …

Daily News Egypt

Flashback: 11 February 2011

It is normal for an individual, especially from the younger generations, to have a memory slate that involuntarily and regularly wipes itself clean. Unfortunately, I have one of those memories, leaving me sometimes unaware of things that happened not so long ago. On the other hand, it is abnormal for an entire nation of 83 …

Dahlia Kholaif


In Pictures: Protests continue at presidential, Al-Qobba palaces and Tahrir Square

Demonstrations continued on Tuesday evening at both the presidential palace and Al-Qobba Palace as protesters persisted in their calls for the removal of President Mohamed Morsi. At the presidential palace in Heliopolis, the protests reached their third straight day. Thousands of protesters had arrived at the palace on Monday afternoon, many celebrating the ultimatum presented …

Basil El-Dabh